HIST4196 - 1/29/08 1500AD Holy Roman Church was only Church...

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1/29/08 - 1500AD Holy Roman Church was only Church in Europe - Church Hierarchy (Secular Clergy) o Pope (Bishop of Rome) o College of Cardinals (High Church officials) o Bishops (nominated originally by Pope but eventually by local Kings) o Parish Priests (ordained by local Bishop and under his government) - Secular Clergy was responsible for all church matters - Religious Orders (Regular Orders): o Regular Clergy Members are bound by set rules of their specific order - Examples of Orders: o Monastic orders Benedictines o Preaching orders Franciscans Dominicans o Friars Lived in poverty, etc. . . . o Governed by their own superiors, not by head of local church Conflict between regular and secular clergies o Church as a whole was largest organization in pre-modern Europe 3%-5% of European population was church member. Locally 1 in 10 were members of church. - Church controlled vast amounts of wealth o This is how they paid the clergy o Collected between 7% and 12% of agricultural retail o Donations of money and land o Money was supposed to pay staff and surplus was to go to charity Disproportionate amount went to higher church officials while local clergy members were poor. - Martin Luther (1483-1546) o Early reformation his works were mixed up with evangelical works o “Father of Reformation” o Studied law by means of his father o Age 21, had religious experience Caught in lightning storm and prayed and swore to go into the monastery if he survived Survives and enters the monastery in the Augustinian Monastery. After first few years, he started having doubts about his faith. God would never forgive him for his sins and would not go
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to heaven. Luther turned to increased acts of devotion. Confessed his sins multiple times a day. Would fast, self deprecate, and study the bible all day. o Luther was sent to Rome to meet with Augustinian order. Appalled by behavior of church official in Rome.
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HIST4196 - 1/29/08 1500AD Holy Roman Church was only Church...

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