19th Century - 1.William I I 1859 - 1888 - 1918 - 1941 a....

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Unformatted text preview: 1.William I I 1859 - 1888 - 1918 - 1941 a. 1890 he dismisses Bismarck b. His replacements were not very good c. Treaty between Germany Austria Hungary and Russia lapses d. And treaty between Austria and Russia lapse e. France immediately approaches Russia f. In 1894 leads to the Franco-Russian Dual Alliance g. Germany is surrounded on both sides after this h. France and Germany are both t rying to win England over i. Germany begins a more aggressive colonial policy i. Brings them into conflict with England ii. Germany begin to build up its navy 2.In 1901 England gets Edward VII a. He is a Francophile - he loves all things French b. He begins to push English policy closer to France c. In 1904, the Entente Cordiale is formed - the friendly understanding - an alliance between England and France d. In 1907 England and Russia get together and form the Anglo Russian Entente e. Russia, France, and England are the triple Entente 3.Bosnia and Serbia a. Sparked WWI b. Both Slavic c. Serbia wants to annex Bosnia d. Austrians also have their eyes on Bosnia e. In 1908, Austria annexes Bosnia f. Upset the Serbs g. Secret societies form to t ry to get Bosnia i. Black Hand ii. Young Bosnia h. Archduke Franz Ferdinand is the heir to the Austrian throne i. He wants to make a t riple monarchy with the Slavs ii. If this were to happen Bosnia would never join Serbia iii. It is learned that Franz is making a trip to Sarajevo iv. Members of Young Bosnia decide to carry out the assignation with assistance from Black Hand that has connections with the Serbian government v. On June 28th, 1914 Franz Ferdinand shows up in Sarajevo vi. Some assassins are caught immediately some get away vii. He feels sorry for the people injured in the grenade blast and decides to see them in the hospital viii. The driver takes a wrong turn and has to turn around and one of the assassins ix. Gavrillo Princip was right in front of Franz Ferdinand he unloads his gun into the car and within a hour they both are dead x. Austria decides that Serbia has to pay xi. Austrians check with the Germans and are backed xii. Austrians give an ultimatum to the Serbians 1. Serbians agree to most of the demands 2. The most important demand was denied - Austrians could send official representatives to oversee the investigations 3. On July 28th, 1914 Austria declares war on Serbia - WWI is coming 4. Events now begin to move very quickly on July 30th Russia begins to mobilize its army to prepare for war 5. Germany contacts Russia and demands that Russia stops its mobilization 6. On Aug. 1st Germany declares war on Russia 7. On Aug. 3rd Germany declares war on France a. The Chief of Germany's army - Von Schlieffen - thinks he sees a way he can fight and win against France and Russia b. Russia is slow when mobilizing forces...
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19th Century - 1.William I I 1859 - 1888 - 1918 - 1941 a....

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