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BBall Paper - 11:58:00 AM Researching Coaching Philosophies...

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06/03/2008 11:58:00 Researching Coaching Philosophies Sitting down to write this paper, I had no idea who I wanted to write about. One thing I definitely didn’t want to do was to use coaches others were using. I wanted to be different. With this in mind, I thought of none other than the University of Tennessee Lady Vols basketball coach, Pat Summitt. Seeing that I do attend Florida State University and don’t know too much about the women’s basketball program here, I also decided to choose Sue Semrau, the women’s basketball coach at Florida State. Summitt, who just completed her amazing 31st season with the Lady Vols, has kept her elite program in the winner's circle for over three decades, and there is no chance of a let-up in sight. Her goals are to succeed and to do it with flare. She is very passionate for the game and enjoys using team spirit to her advantage. In fact, one game she even came out onto the court dressed as a cheerleader and it honestly really did get the crowd riled up. Which I believe in turn got her team very excited. Whether this was a strategy to relax her team or not, it was fun for her and it really shows her character as a coach and an individual.
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Summitt may have 1,054 collegiate basketball games under her belt and 882 wins to show for it, but she never underestimates the potential of her girls and turns them from believers into achievers. Summitt's businesslike philosophy of coaching was composed into a best-selling book, "Reach for the Summit" and was followed by "Raise the Roof", which lead to her becoming the first female coach to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated.
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