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exam1-5 - fines-lion 12 Hmung Americms g h wealr fer myday...

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Unformatted text preview: fines-lion 12 - Hmung Americms g h wealr fer myday dress, tracitidnal dress that they were in Lads befure imnig'djng tn the U5. a B wee:r duly U5. styles sf dress fur their New Year's celebrajens fl afar celebrajuns wee:r traritiund dress that has chalged in same ways from tradtiend dress warn in Lads but the: still celebretes Hmung tradtidns. Quesfian 13 I Fer a new.I style tn became a full fashien trend. which pulfidn if the 'hnrrnai" tiffusiun curue dues a styie need to reach? a A the innmajdn stage fl 3 the eaiy adapter, fashien leadership stage fl tithe mass market stage g D. the lite adapter stage Ones-lion 14 I At what stage at the ciffusiun curve du retailers start to beg" stacking rising reta'l imanteries? Q at innmajdn stage g E ealy aduptiun aid leadership stage a C. mass market stage b: ...
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