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final6 - 10111)“ points Prior to the filth century...

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Unformatted text preview: -.... ........ 10111:)“ points Prior to the filth century. thinness was Selected Answer. 3 not the most attractive body shape for women. Question 2? 1 M C“ points Which of the following groups was most likely duan the 199th to feel that cased work dress could degrade the impression of competence and accomplishment they feel they need to project at Wk each day? Selected Answer A Alficm Americans in magement and professional roles. People 85 years and oldeilr today would have experienced when they were in young adutthood or younger: Selected Answer. D. Both A aid '3 Question 29 1 outoft points Cross—tiessing may help traassexuds Selected Answer. D. at of the abuse Question 3i] 1 outof1 points Style of gay men's dress Seleded Answer. A is waned; thele is no one styie wom by gay men in the US. Wernesda‘u'. Hair 8. 21313 12:01:41" Ail! CDT ...
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