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exam1-8 - Question 21 Connotations of meanings in dress a A...

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Unformatted text preview: Question 21 Connotations of meanings in dress a A are limited in the U.S., because meanings of dress are really clear. a E. are less important than denotative meanings. @ B. are clear and documented in dictionaries of dress. @ D. add to the variety and lack of clarity of meanings of dress in the LLB. Question 22 What is true about the meanings of dress signs and symbols in U.S. culture? a fit Fashion changes make dress meaningless. @ El. People make endless combinations of items in their wardrobe every day that can change the meaning of an outfit slightly or greatly. a C. There is no agreement about meanings of dress in the LLS. across groups, except for uniforms and suits. a DA“ of the above. Question 23 The man who had been a White supremacist in the “Race and Sex“ film explained that when he used to beat up gay or minority ethnic individuals Q it he felt a psychological rush and felt good about himseff. a El. he was ashamed of himself, but just went along with his group. a B. he felt inferior, so took out his anger on others. . . . _ . . E ...
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