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MARK BORELLI Functional Warmup (5-10 minutes) - Stretch Full Body - 3x10 Jumping Jacks - 2 Laps - 1x10 Toe Touch Walks - 1 Lap of Leg Forward Behinds (Sideway Walks) 4 Upper body exercises (both primary/opposing muscles) - 4x10 Bench Press on Machine @ 100, 115, 120, & 125lbs - 3x10 Skull Crushers @ 30lbs bar, self made - 3x15 Fly’s @ 15lb Dumbbells 4 lower body exercises (both primary/opposing muscles) - 3x10 Leg Raises @ 30, 35, & 40 lbs - 3x10 Leg Curls @ 30, 35, & 40 lbs - 3x10 Calf Raises @ 35lb Dumbbells
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Unformatted text preview: - 3x10 Leg Extensions to the side @ 20lbs 4 full body exercises- 2x20 Up Downs- 3x10 Jumping Jacks- 1x30 Pushups- 1x25 Lunges w/ 15lb Dumbbells 4 abdominals (rectus ab, transverse ab, obliques, and Low Back)- 3x10 Crunches w/ 25lb plate- 1xBurnout Medicine Ball Twists w/ Partner w/ 20lb ball- 1xBurnout Ski Jumps over line- 3x15 Leg Raises while laying on back with hands behind head 20 minutes of Cardio- Ride the Bike for 20 min. Cool-down- Walk 2 Laps around track- Stretch...
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