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Sheet1 Page 1 Alex Packard Matrix Assignment Reflection: In my implentation of the matrix assignment, I used a 2D array of Numbers to represent the matrix. However it is possible to u s one-dimensional array. In order to do this, there would need to be a few changes to the 2D array implentation. Obviously, yo u need to initilize a one-dimensional array instead of a 2D array. The size of this array would be determined by multiplying the n u of rows and columns specified to the constructor.
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Unformatted text preview: Also, the elementAt and setElementAt methods would need to be changed. methods are now dealing with a one-dimensional array, it can only take one parameter. In order to calculate the location of th e you are looking for, simply multiply the specified row by the width of the matrix and add the number of columns as shown belo w y public int elementAt(int row, int col) throws IndexOutOfBoundsException { return this.entry[row * width + col] }...
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