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Unformatted text preview: thy Coder has ID 123456 and earns $60,000 per year. Hourly employees have a name, an ID number and are paid an hourly wage. For example, Harry Hacker has ID 111222 and works 15 hours a week for $20.00 per hour (so he earns $300 per week). Exercise 1 Step 1: The project contains incomplete implementations of classes named E p o e , mlye S l r e E p o e and H u l E p o e . Your task is to complete the design and aaidmlye orymlye implementation of the classes, subject to the following constraints: ● The S l r e E p o e and H u l E p o e classes must be subclasses of the aaidmlye orymlye abstract E p o e class. mlye ● It's up to you to decide what fields are needed by S l r e E p o e objects and aaidmlye 1 H u l E p o e objects. It's up to you to decide which of these fields should be declared orymlye in the superclass, E p o e , and which fields should be defined in the subclasses. The mlye visibility of all of the fields must be p i a e rvt. ● S l r e E p o e and H u l E p o e must have a two­parameter constructor that aaidmlye orymlye is passed the employee's name and ID number, and uses these values to initialize the object. All of the object's other fields must be initialized to 0 when the object is created. ● Abstract class E p o e currently declares three abstra...
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