Lecture - Energy and Enzymes Part 1- october 18

Activation energy ea amount of energy required to

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Unformatted text preview: RMODYNAMICS During every energy transfer some energy becomes UNusable (not available to do work). The ENTROPY (randomness/disorder) of a system increases USABLE ENERGY ENERGY RELEASED (available to do work) UNusable ENERGY (NOT available to do work) HEAT THERMAL ENERGY •  Important for who use the maintain their internal temperature. to •  Metabolism helps maintain internal temperature. o 33 C o 37 C o 40 C Temperature Affects the Rate of Metabolism METABOLIC RATE The amount of energy that an animal uses during a given /me. Temperature Affects Metabolic Rate o 40 C HIGHER Internal Temperature = HIGHER Metabolic Rate o LOWER Internal Temperatur...
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