Week+One++History+++Selection - Later more active in...

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Week One - Grand Jury History and Selection Initially: Accuse criminals and extend English government 12 men as local informers for the king Secretly named violators Later trial by ordeal Also other king’s business: taxes, maintenance 1215 King John and Magna Carta: individual protections and due process Later 24 knights became the “le grande inquest” to begin prosecutions The 12 men became the petite jury to render a verdict Probable cause hearing by grand jury & consideration of evidence to convict by trial jury American colonies: grand juries started as a defense to abusive appointees of the king. Standing between accusations and convictions.
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Unformatted text preview: Later more active in government; setting taxes, supervising public works. Public prosecutors investigated crime. Resistance to the King; approaching revolution After revolution, 5 th Amendment “Rubber stamp” for prosecution begins Secrecy issues Grand Jury as both a sword and shield Federal Grand Jury: Rule 6 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure Selection of Federal Jurors 23 chosen; 16 for a quorum; 12 to indict California Grand Jury: Penal Code Section 888, et. seq. Selection process Draw is May 13 at 12:00, Department C-1 in Santa Ana 19 jurors in Orange County (and most counties) 23 in LA (over 4 million) 12 to indict...
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Week+One++History+++Selection - Later more active in...

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