Allocates memory for the programs execuon 2 copies the

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Unformatted text preview: ly 7 7 The purpose of a linker     The linker is a program that takes one or more object files and assembles them into a single executable program. The linker resolves references to undefined symbols by finding out which other object defines the symbol in ques(on, and replaces placeholders with the symbol's address October 14, 2013 ISA's, Compilers, and Assembly 8 8 What the linker does October 14, 2013 ISA's, Compilers, and Assembly 9 9 Object File Formats 10 Loader     Before we can start execu(ng a program, the O/S must load it: Loading involves 5 steps: 1.  Allocates memory for the program's execu+on. 2.  Copies the text and data segments from the executable into memory. 3.  Copies progra...
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