C produces tests to produce object code gcc c testc

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Unformatted text preview: branches use condi+on codes   x86 supports (register + memory)  ­> (register) format   Registers:   Register ­based architecture   different number and names, x86 allows par+al reads/writes   Memory:   Byte addressable, 32 ­bit address space   x86 has addi+onal addressing modes   x86 does not require addresses to be aligned   x86 has segmenta+on, but not used by most modern O/S s 6 The compilation process       To produce assembly code: gcc –S test.c   produces test.s To produce object code: gcc –c test.c   produces test.o To produce executable code: gcc test.c   produces a.out October 14, 2013 ISA's, Compilers, and Assemb...
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