7 total 84 216 300 we now have a difference

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Unformatted text preview: of the 150 Nicorette chewers, 28%, or 42, would have gotten a sore throat. The resulting table of EXPECTED values would look like this: sore throat no sore throat total Nicorette 42 108 150 rel. risk=1 placebo 42 108 150 odds ratio=1 total 84 216 300 The term EXPECTED refers to the null hypothesis, which says that there is no difference between Nicorette and the placebo (that is, Nicorette does not cause sore throats). Assume we now conduct the experiment and collect the data, and it looks like this: OBSERVED VALUES: sore throat no sore throat total Nicorette 50 100 150 rel. risk=1.47 placebo 34 116 150 odds ratio=1.7 total 84 216 300 We now have a difference between the EXPECTED values (based on the nul...
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