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Jeremy Reis March 13, 2008 Motel 6 Reinvents the Economy Lodging Segment with ''Phoenix'' Prototype March 12, 2008 The article was explaining what Motel 6 was doing to stay ahead of the game in the Economy Lodging Segment. They are in the process of building a new and improved motel that offers more of a European style to occupants of the hotel. The “Phoenix” prototype has received positive feedback from all people who have stayed in the prototype. The “Phoenix” has a new outer building style with a bigger lobby and vending areas. It also provides a better and more modern bathroom that is sectored off from the
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Unformatted text preview: rest of the room to provide better privacy. The bed is a new airy pillow topped bed that uses vibrant colors to set it apart from everything else. The Phoenix prototype is expected to start building in the end of 2008. I think this prototype will allow Motel 6 to provide more and better rooms for Economy minded people. It will also bring in greater revenue because more people will want to stay in the new rooms for cheaper rather then paying for the same type of room somewhere else for more money. All in all both the consumer and the producer are in a situation where both win....
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