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1. Name 2 ways biologists use to classify organisms? Anatomy and Molecular similarities. 8 points 2. Name the three largest domains? Archae, Bacteria, Eukarya 8 points 3. Explain the difference between each domain listed above? Archae ( simple structure, aquatic environments), Bacteria ( unicellular, prokaryotes), Eukarya ( all eukaryotic organisms, protests) 8 points 4. How do prokaryotes reproduce? And what does this mean? Binary Fission- produces genetically identical copies of original cell. 8 points 5. Name all seven classifications and provide an example of the classifications? 12 points Kingdom Phylum Class Order - Marsupialia Family - Diphldae Genus - Delphius Linnaeus Species - Virginia Opossum 6. What bacteria do plants rely on? Nitrogen-fixing Bacteria 4 points 7. The Bubonic Plague, “Black Death”, is known as a ---------- Disease?
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Unformatted text preview: Bacterial 4 points 8. What are phytoplankton? Single celled photosynthesizers that float passively in the upper layers of Earth’s lakes and oceans. 4 points 9. T or F? 70% of all photosynthetic activity on Earth is from marine phytoplankton! True 8 points 10. Where do fungi find their nutrients? Break down nutrients store in the bodies or waste of other organisms 15 points 11. What are the thread-like filaments called in Fungi? Hyphae 13 points 12. Fungi can reproduce sexually and asexually? True or False 8 points 13. Three products that use yeast in their creation are: 8 points A. Bread, Cheese, Wine B. Pasta, Wine, Beer C. Bread, Wine, Beer D. Candy, Soda, Fruit Snacks...
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