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convectionlab - Thermo and Heat Transfer Lab Natural...

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Thermo and Heat Transfer Lab: Natural Convection and Radiation Heat Transfer from a Circular Cylinder Experiment Performed: February 6th, 2008 Group Members: Mike Coover David Cunningham Mark Merritt Bill Mann Doug Diemel Instructor: Prof. William Danley 1
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Objective : To investigate the mode of natural convection and radiative heat transfer from an electrically heated cylinder. These values are to be compared to existing heat transfer correlations. Demonstration of heat transfer from a heated surface to a dormant environment is a combination of heat loss due to natural convection and radiation and will be expressed in this experiment. Relative magnitudes of natural convection and radiation heat transfer coefficients depend on the surface temperature with radiation becoming more important as the surface temperature increases. Theory : Convection in the most general terms refers to the movement of currents within fluids (gases) and is one of the major modes of heat transfer. In fluids, convective heat transfer takes place through diffusion and advection. If a surface is at a temperature above its surroundings and is located in stationary air, heat will be transferred from the surface to the surroundings.
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