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History Essay - From the Earth to the Moon By Jules Verne...

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From the Earth to the Moon By Jules Verne In the novel, From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne, Verne writes about man’s race to the stars with technology and rocketry almost a century before the defying flights of the astronauts. The geographical location takes place in the United States even though this was written in France. The year was around 1865 when the Civil War was still in its deadly rage. Verne had great faith in the growing potential of the United States and often hypothesized that it would lead the world in the following century which is why he frequently chose the U.S as his setting. Verne knew that escape velocity was the key to exiting earth’s gravitational pull and the added boost from the earth’s rotation led him to believe that Americans would seek a spot as close to the equator as possible. One glimpse at a map and the apparent choices are either Florida or Texas. Verne chose Stone Hill, Florida. Nearly a century following, the American space program had to decide between these two choices also. Not only did Florida win just as Verne had predicted, but NASA engineers chose Cape Kennedy, almost the exact latitude as Stone Hill, for the Apollo launch site. This novel, in the context of our course, deals with most of Europe being a fully industrialized nation and Verne’s relational discussion between engineers and the military or rocketry (Mid 1700’s Engineers were organized firmly in the military). Also, new improvements in blast furnaces were allowing newer and faster production of irons, something Verne would be highly dependent on. Lastly, breakthroughs in chemistry
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innovations allowed Verne better understandings of chemical property and gas capabilities. To take a deeper look into this novel’s historical context, I will apply knowledge I have learned throughout this course. Around the time this novel takes place, the United States is still in a colonial arrangement. The U.S has tons of land available and a massive increase in new population is starting to arise. I think Verne understands the significance and capability
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History Essay - From the Earth to the Moon By Jules Verne...

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