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Lab 4 - displacements rates etc We recorded the known...

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Experimental Objectives: Co-Author: Mike Coover For Lab #4: Work, Power, and Efficiency, our experimental objectives were as follows: 1) To select a device which operation includes at least two of the four physical systems and provides information relating to displacements, rates, forces quantities, resistance, work or power. 2) Record all available data specified relating to the above forms. 3) Estimate values for unknown forms. First, we decided what device we were to choose that could provide us with the objectives we needed. A circulator pump (Model 005) fit into that description quite well. This device operated using three of the four physical systems; Mechanical, Fluidal, and Electrical. Also, the circulator pump was presented with information relating to
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Unformatted text preview: displacements, rates, etc. We recorded the known information along with calculated (estimated) measurements into our table. The table for this experiment looked like this: System #1: Mechanical System #2: Fluidal System #3: Electrical Displacement: 3250 RPM 2.71 Gallons 31.32 Coloumbs Time: 1 Min 1 Min 1 Min Rate: 3250 RPM 2.71 GPM .52 Amps Force Quantity: Assuming 15 PSI 115 Volts Resistance: 1.65 0.000001416 221.15 Ohms Work: 21 Watts 1076.4 Joules 3601.8 Joules Power: 0.000476 ft. lb 17.94 Watts 59.8 Watts Efficiency: 35.1 % 30 % 100 % • Possible errors in the Calculations: 1) Rounding of decimals, converting factors, and miscalculations....
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