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Sofia Straus Alternative Assignment Chapter 3 “Rock and Roll is Here to Stay” Popular music in America has varied in genres throughout the years, but the first kind of music that really had a widespread effect on the U.S. was Rock and Roll. Rock and Roll had many different backgrounds, combining popular rhythms from African American music and White folk, country, and pop vocals. Combined they were popular all around the United States and Rock and Roll used different sources of media to gain popularity, such as radio and record sales. The youth of America in the early 1950’s are the ones who really skyrocketed they popularity of rock and roll. Older generations seemed to fear the sex driven music and even tried to ban some of the records that were released, but it was truly the teenagers who ran what was popular and what wasn’t. In the 1950’s the expectations for a teenager changed. With the war no longer going on and without the pressures of working or
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Unformatted text preview: getting married and having children, teenagers were given time to socialize after school and were even given allowances to spend. The teenagers had less to worry about and became less serious than previous generation. This new liberal thinking taught teenagers to make decisions for themselves. When it came to music, they chose the new and scandalous rock and roll to purchase. The radio stations used this new target audience to sell advertisements focused on the 14-19 year age group and white teens with money were the new focus of marketing. Rock and roll was the introduction to the generation gap in the 1950’s and it made parents feel like they were losing control of their kids to the music. Source : Peneny, D K. "The Teenagers." History-of-Rock . Apr. 1998. 21 Feb. 2008 <>....
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