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Lecture 17 Late Neoclassicism


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Unformatted text preview: od (candles burned down, code of laws) of the French people piece of propaganda: Napoleon is still a despot raking light and clarity of neoclassicism, but softer and more idealized then his earlier work and speaks to the development of the academy Napoleon’s Egyptian Campaign Napoleon’s Egyptian Campaign Napoleon used art as propaganda to contribute to his growing mythic status: many of them “revise” the events of his military career: most famously seen in Antoine­Jean Gros’ (a student of David’s) painting of an event from the Egyptian Campaign 1799: Bonaparte decided France’s naval power was not yet strong enough to confront the Royal Navy in the English Channel and proposed a military expedition to seize Egypt and thereby undermine Britain's access to its trade interests in India In early 1799, he moved an army into the Ottoman province of Damascus (Syria and Galilee). Bonaparte led these 13,000 French soldiers in the conquest of the coastal towns of Arish, Gaza, Jaffa, and Haifa The attack on Jaffa was particularly brutal: Bonaparte, on discovering many of the defenders were former prisoners of war, ostensibly on parole, ordered the garrison and 1,400 prisoners to be executed by bayonet or drowning to save bullets. Men, women and children were robbed and murdered for three days. With his army weakened by disease—mostly bubonic plague—and poor supplies, Bonaparte was unable to reduce the fortress of Acre and returned to Egypt in May. To speed up the retreat, he ordered plague­stricken men to be poisoned. Map of the Campaigns in Egypt and Map of the Campaigns in Egypt and the Holy Land Gros: The Beginnings of Romanticism Gros: The Beginnings of Romanticism Antoine­Jean Gros, Napoleon in the Pesthouse of Jaffa, 1804, oil o/canvas Gigantic size: 17 x 24 feet, Louvre Museum, Paris Another episode from Napoleon’ s campaign to the Holy Land (Palestine): David was asked to go, but he send his student Gros instead Disastrous moment in Napoleon’ s military career: strong Arab resistance to French troops, outbreak of the plague in Napoleon’s army I...
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