Lecture 17 Late Neoclassicism

Rofthe kingofthesabinesandstepsinthe

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Unformatted text preview: Opposite of Oath of Horatii, the concerns of women serve the needs of the state—women are active participants David: Return to the Parisian Art World David: Return to the Parisian Art World Hersilla, wife of Romulus, king of the Romans, and daughter of the king of the Sabines and steps in the middle to stop them from killing each other—she is dressed in white, symbol of purity, breasts revealed through the drapery, legs spread with children in between, about motherhood and shared interests (French people) Painting displayed at eye­level, facing a mirror; contemporary spectators could see themselves projected as participants into the mêlée In his painting, he depicted his warriors fighting naked (historically inaccurate for Romans), as in Greek sculpture, and opted for a frieze­like composition of minimal spatial depth. The effect is reinforced by the predominance of drawing over color, the uniform light, and a Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon Bonaparte Changed the course of modern history profoundly, with repercussions deep into the 20th century General in the French Army who gained prominence during the French Revolution 1789 Commander­in­chief of the French armies in Italy (1796) and sent by Directory government to conquer Egypt (1798­1799) Overthrows Directory government in 1799; becomes the head of government; beginning of Consulate period (1799­1804); sells LA to U.S. Crowns himself Emperor of the French in 1804; beginning of the Empire period (1804­ 1814) Conquers most of Europe with the exception of Great Britain during these ten years Russian campaign from 1812 ends in disaster Defeated in 1814; exiled to Mediterranean island of Elba, returns to France for 100 days (“cent jours”) in 1815; defeat Waterloo Second exile to South Atlantic island of St. Helene, where he died some years later Summary Time Line Summary Time Line Napoleon as General: Directory Period(1795­1799) Napoleon stages coup: Consulate Period (1799­1804) Napoleon crowns himself...
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