Wk 3-1 Chinese sounds and syllable structure(2)

2 how to classify the sounds what are initials finals

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Unformatted text preview: ijing zh/ch/sh are retroflex, tongue tip rolled back towards hard palate. But in many areas. The tongue tip is not rolled. Thus similar to English Review questions 1. Is the distinction of consonants and vowels as same that of initials and finals? 2. How to classify the sounds? What are initials, finals, medials, main vowel and syllabic ending in Chinese phonology? Chinese finals Pinyin IPA er ɚ a A i i ia iA u u ua uA ü y e ə o ai ai ei ei uo uo uai uai ou ou an an en ən ang aŋ iao iau ie iɛ ao au iu iou ian iɛn in in iang ing iaŋ iŋ uan uan un uən uan g uaŋ üan yɛn ün yn uei uei üe yɛ ɚɛəŋ eng əŋ uen g uəŋ ong ɔŋ ing iɔŋ y and w yi, yan, yuan,etc wo, wan, etc Although they are written as y and w, they are more like vowels [i, u, y], rather than semi-vowels like the English [j] in “yes” and [w] in “wait”...
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