Wk 3-1 Chinese sounds and syllable structure(2)

Daniel jones 1881 1967 what about mandarin the sound b

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Unformatted text preview: s and we use different IPA symbols), we Dr. Daniel Jones (1881-1967) What about Mandarin The sound [b] does not exist in actual Mandarin speech. We find only [p] and [ph]. are distinctive: ? vs ? [pai] vs [phai] These Thus we say that [p] and [ph] are phonemes in Mandarin. Phonemes and allophones Phonemes [p] In English: Spill spy [p] /p/ are language specific [ph] pill pie pat [ph] /p/ ba ? [p] pa ? [ph] /p/ /ph/ In Mandarin Chinese: [b] bill buy bat [b] /b/ ? Basic Mandarin Sounds A typical Mandarin Chinese syllable (in pinyin): 4 tones (+neutral tone) zh ōng 21 Initials (consonants) 37 finals (medial)+ vowels(+terminals) Initials Mandarin Consonants IPA Stops Alveolar-dental Alveolar-dental Structure of Finals categories...
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