Wk 3-1 Chinese sounds and syllable structure(2)

In pinyin the tone mark is placed above the main

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Unformatted text preview: e “zero initials” Only Only i, u, ü can be medials [i], [u] (as in “ao” and “ou”) can be vowel codas/terminals and only n, ng, r Syllable structure The main vowel is the only necessary part in the structure. In pinyin, the tone mark is placed above the main vowel. Can you indicate the parts of the following syllables Jia Zhong Yao En Qiong Niu Wei tui Transcription exercises Wǒ xiǎng qǐng nǐ chī yí dùn fàn. Jīntiān tiānqì zhēn hǎo. Homework 1. Homework sheet 4 2. Read -finish Sun (2006) Chapter 2 -Norman (1988) 145-149 (Bb) Supplementary info: Mandarin vs. English The Mandarin r [ɻ]and the En...
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