Wk 3-1 Chinese sounds and syllable structure(2)

The vowels in zici si zhi chi shi ri tongue tip

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Unformatted text preview: rop the umlaut) (1-b) ‘u’ becomes ‘w’ if it is not preceded by an initial, u by itself becomes wu yi Ya =i =ia Yao =iao Ye =ie Yan Yin Yang Ying Yong Wa Wu Wai Wo Wei Wan Wen Wang Weng 3. The vowels in zi,ci, si, zhi, chi, shi, ri “tongue-tip vowels” produced with the tongue tip raised against the alveolar ridge as in zi, ci, si, or against the back of the alveolar ridge and the hard palate as in zhi, chi, shi Syllable structures Phonologically: (C)(M)V(V/N)+TONES shēngmǔ yùntóu yùnfù yùnwěi ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Consonant Medials / i, u, ü/ Main vowels Terminals /a, o, e, i, u, ü, ɚ/ /i, u; m, ŋ / Syllable structure Shēngmǔ Initial Yùntóu medial Yùnfù Main vowel Yùnwěi Coda/ending t i a o [u] a i i a n y a n a n t t a t a t a y a n Syllable structure Syllables starting with no initials are called “zero initial” syllables y- and w- are not initials, they ar...
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