Wk 3-1 Chinese sounds and syllable structure(2)

Rn mandarin consonants mandarin jqx vs english john

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Unformatted text preview: glish r C[onsonants ɹ]: The English r is an approximant (alveolar or post-alveolar glide): (1) tongue blade raised towards alveolar ridge (2)lip rounding (a pursing of the lips) Mandarin r is retroflex with no lip rounding Cf : run vs ? rén Mandarin Consonants Mandarin j/q/x vs English j(ohn) ch(urch) sh(e) [tɕ tɕh ɕ] [dʒ tʃ ʃ] English: tongue tip raised to back of alveolar ridge Mandarin: tongue tip behind lower teeth, front part of the tongue body in the back of alveolar ridge and palatal area Mandarin Consonants Mandarin zh/ch/sh [tʂ tʂh ʂ] vs English [dʒ tʃ ʃ ] Typical Be...
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