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The Ash Girl - The Ash Girl Amy Allen Introduction to...

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The Ash Girl Amy Allen Introduction to Theatre 11/14/07
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The Ash Girl explored a different side of the old known rags to riches fairy tale, taking a more humanistic approach giving the audience a deeper understanding of each character. The set gave a dark yet still whimsical feel to the stage, each location the characters visited had a different feel to it, creating very different atmospheres that the characters were able to play off of. The characters themselves presented them in such a way that the audience was able relate to almost every one, the villains in the play were the characters themselves manipulated by their own wants and needs. The seven deadly sins although given bodies for the viewers benefit, were the struggle throughout the whole play, sadness was also brought in as a makeshift sin to show Ash Girls biggest internal struggle. This concept of bringing the seven deadly sins in to the play helped the audience realize that in a given situation everybody can be a villain. The set used in this production of The Ash Girl stayed very whimsical on the whole, but was whimsical to a different degree. This idea of changing how concrete the set was in each scene helped the audience get a feel for what to expect in that given scene. For example when looking at prince ABUAU’s castle, the set consisted of very straight lines, and very solid looking pieces. This set suggested that most of what happened in there was very straightforward and closest to reality, when the set was
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