Did WWI create Canadian Nationalism

Did WWI create Canadian Nationalism - P2: Social: Workers...

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Did WWI create Canadian Nationalism? If so, how? If not, what did it create or influence? OUTLINE: Thesis: World War One did not create Canadian nationalism, rather it created more divides along cultural, social, and economic lines. P1: Cultural: French Vs Brits Ex: No French language regiments Ex: French Canada no ties with France or Brits, thus don’t want to go
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Unformatted text preview: P2: Social: Workers Vs Employers Ex: Bolsheviks encouraged more som, new class divide Ex: Workers still didn’t get more rights after war, so divide not covered up P3: Economic Divisions Ex: Some industries got tons of profit, some lost profit Ex: Farmers didn’t like conscription cuz they needed their sons for farm...
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