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DI Problem Set 1 - Amy Allen 9/10/07 DI problem set 1...

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Amy Allen 9/10/07 DI problem set 1 Question 1. We examined the following article http://www.systems-thinking.org/dikw/dikw.htm that provided insight into the Data -> Information . .. -> Wisdom transformational process. Interestingly, there is another scale, which attempts to measure cognitive attainment known as Bloom’s Taxonomy. There a many references to Bloom’s Taxonomy on the Internet; for summarized use, look at the file named ‘BLOOM (one page poster)’ included in the problem set one directory on the YahooGroup. Write a few paragraphs that compare and contrast these two scales. These two scales that ultimately contrast similar ideas are most different when looking at the intended use of the scale. When looking at Bloom’s Taxonomy the user first looks at the ideas of what they want to do, so figuring out what they want to accomplish. This contrasts with the second article because the user is already given data, although it is at the users disposal of what they may want to do with the data, there are only so many routes someone can take with a set of data. The process of each of the articles is similar when looking at the development of an idea. The biggest difference I see in this is the origin of the idea, Bloom’s Taxonomy seems to have a less concrete place to draw ideas from, this leaves more room for creativity thus hypothetically giving a someone a more human approach to a problem. This differs from the other article that gives a much more technical understanding of a given problem. Both of these are very helpful when trying to understand an idea, and both provide very different insight in to a given problem, giving a person a multifaceted understanding to the data or problem. Question 2. Morse code is a variable length code that was popularized during the early days of the telegraph. A codec for Morse code can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/2kxncl If you want to listen to Morse code, some samples can be heard here: http://www.arrl.org/w1aw/morse.html a. Convert the text “DISCOVERY INFORMATICS RULES” to Morse code. .- .
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DI Problem Set 1 - Amy Allen 9/10/07 DI problem set 1...

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