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HW7 - Or-0 theorem proved in the lectures Problem 3 Prove...

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Sheet1 Page 1 CS 2603 Applied Logic for Hardware and Software Homework 7 Due Tuesday, March 11, before class (bring your paper to class, and turn it in there) Late Homework not accepted Warning! Some of these problems have long, tedious, involved solutions. Even after you figure them out, it will take a while to d Problem 1: Write the axiom for The Big And using the "/\" operator and the foldr operator. Problem 2: State and prove a theorem for Big And that is analogous to the
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Unformatted text preview: Or-0 theorem proved in the lectures. Problem 3: Prove that the big and delivers the value False if any of the elements in its argument are False. Problem 4: Write the axioms for a running-and function using a tail-recursion in the form of equations similar to the axioms of t h Problem 5: State and prove a theorem that establishes a connection between the running-and function and the big and functio n...
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