anth 111 assign. 2 - Alissa Chanin 9 October 9, 2007 ANTH...

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Alissa Chanin 9 October 9, 2007 ANTH 111 Assignment 2 Title: Head, Shoulders, Nose and Toes. Abstract: The paper reviews the anthropology on body modifications in the manifestation of circumcision both male and female. Ritual body modification behaviors are traditional and reflect the history, spiritualism, and beliefs of a society. They are culturally and psychologically embedded in profound, elemental experiences especially connected to healing, spirituality, and social orderliness. Bodily Mutilation is not specific to one culture, or one variety. The custom of physical modification as a form of religious sanction or as punishment for unforgivable deeds or gender is not uncommon. Then taking these bodily modifications and understanding the values of a culture through such permanent customs and relating them to the other common practices, and distinguishing between severe and simple rites. Amnesty International. "Female Genital Mutilation In Africa." Amnesty International Org. Available from 0071997? open&of=ENG-2AF. Internet; accessed 23 September 2007. Organized in a chart, alphabetically listed African countries that are active in the practice of female genital mutilation. Estimated percentage of women and girls who undergo FGM, form of FGM practiced, ie. Excision, clitoridectomy. The countries of
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anth 111 assign. 2 - Alissa Chanin 9 October 9, 2007 ANTH...

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