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Alissa Chanin October 23, 2007 ANTH 166 Assignment 4 Relatives and Relations 227 1. The attached letter to Ann Landers is from a Sleepless in Little River , a wife whose husband does not know when enough is enough, and talks incessantly. The husband is portrayed as a neurotic and aggressive individual, ones who has little compassion and understanding for others. The reader gets the notion that Little River’s husband has a different personality in public than he has in a private setting. Little River herself is portrayed as passive aggressive and unable to stand up for herself against her own husband. This letter also reveals some values within social relations, such as an appropriate or in this case inappropriate confrontation within a marriage, the proper way to act in public and how that varies with the acceptable actions in private, and the way in which a wife and mother views her family, ie. son and husband. I would have answered the letter in much of the same way, except for the part when the counselors advises to agree with him, no matter what he says. Although this may work for a short time, it is not fair for Littler River to constantly need to agree, in a marriage it is about give and take, and for her husband to constantly be taking, and for her to be giving is imbalanced and unstable, everything a marriage requires. 2. The dining hall is a place of constant social interactions, between staff and students,
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anth 166 a4 - Alissa Chanin ANTH 166 Relatives and...

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