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Alissa Chanin October 23, 2007 ANTH 166 Assignment 5 1. The first advertisement I cut out was for a technology company KEF specifically for a set of Muon Speakers. This ad features an African American woman sitting next to the advertised speakers. She is without clothes however the photograph is of her back side so nothing is revealed except for the curves of her body. Her face is turned to the side and her hair is covering much of her profile. Of what you can see the woman has her eyes closed and looks calm and relaxed. This image helps advertise the product because the shape and curve of the woman’s body mirrors the curve of the speaker, and the serenity of her stature and expression show the ease with which the speakers function and the calm feeling you may get from listening to these speakers. This depiction shows how our culture views beauty in the curves of women, however she is not a fat woman. She is very thin and curvy rather than the average woman who may be broader or heavier than she. Her beauty also reveals how attractiveness is such an important factor in our culture
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