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study guide exam 4 sp07 - ART 101: Appreciation of Art...

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ART 101: Appreciation of Art (Reymond) Study Guide #2 This is only a study guide, not necessarily a complete checklist of what the questions will be on the exam. You are not responsible for those works marked “dropped”. Know titles, scene titles, artists, cultures, periods, dates, locations if in situ, medium (if we discussed), patron (if we discussed), religion it is associated with (if there is one), terms listed on the monuments sheets, -know what are things that indicate a work of art is from the High Renaissance Leonardo: Mona Lisa -what were some of the things that Leonardo besides paint -how does the Mona Lisa differ from the usual way women were portrayed at the time (consider this in both visual terms and in terms of meaning) -what was Vasari's story about the Mona Lisa -what is sfumato -how did Leonardo identify with his painting -what is chiaroscuro Leonardo: The Last Supper -why is it in such bad condition -why is geometry important and how does this work with the perspective in the painting -what numbers are important in this work and what do they symbolize? -what did Leonardo do in this scene that was so different from what earlier artists did -what does the title "The Last Supper" mean and why is it significant that it is in a refectory Michelangelo’s David -where was this supposed to be placed? -where was it placed? -be able to explain in detail why this change was made. -how does this David relate to Donatello’s David? -what is the Biblical story of the David? -what is the history of the actual piece of stone? -what difficulties did Michelangelo encounter when he carved the stone? -how did Michelangelo identify with his sculpture of the David? Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel Ceiling & Last Judgment -what was the Sistine Chapel supposed to replicate? -who commissioned the ceiling? -what is the Sistine Chapel’s use? -what parts of the ceiling did Michelangelo paint? -what themes are prevalent? -what is the order of the ceiling images?
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-what was the order in which Michelangelo painted them? -be able to discuss the Temptation & Expulsion, Creation of Adam, Libyan Sibyl, Jeremiah, Last Judgment. -what image is in the center of the ceiling and why? -what are the nude male figures called and what might they represent? -what type of sculpture influenced Michelangelo’s rendering of the figures? Raphael’s School of Athens -who commissioned this work? -what happens in this room? -what parts did Raphael paint? -what are themes of the lunettes and how do they work together to suggest one great theme? -what is the relationship between geometry and the image of the Disputa? -what is the disputation about? -why does the School of Athens have that name? -who are the main figures? -how is the viewer’s attention drawn to them by the artist?
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study guide exam 4 sp07 - ART 101: Appreciation of Art...

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