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Battleground God - When I did it that time I had 2 hits and one bullet This was an interesting game but I do not see how this would affect my

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Philosophy 107 February 21, 2007 Battleground God I played Battleground God and found it if not anything else, quite interesting. I did not know what it would be like. After reading descriptions and criteria, I had more of an idea. But even after that, it was a little confusing. All of the questions were true/false questions. The directions were to answer the first question and then to try not to contradict our answers or have answers that have strange or unpalatable. However when I answered the questions I did not do it this way, instead I answered based on what I felt was right or wrong. After I did it this way, I had 3 hits and 3 bullets. I realized my mistake, so I played again. This time I made sure that I remained rationally consistent.
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Unformatted text preview: When I did it that time I had 2 hits and one bullet. This was an interesting game, but I do not see how this would affect my opinion on whether God exists. There were some things that were contradictory in a sense, but I would still believe it even though it is that way. For example, one question is, “The serial rapist Peter Sutcliffe had a firm, inner conviction that God wanted him to rape and murder prostitutes. He was, therefore, justified in believing that he was carrying out God's will in undertaking these actions.” In my opinion this is false, however if I were to be consistent, I would have to say that it is true. This situation came up in a few more different questions and was difficult to choose....
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