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Common Sense - Wednesday 9:30 Section. The pamphlet...

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Wednesday 9:30 Section. The pamphlet “Common Sense” written by Thomas Paine was nothing but a piece of propaganda to persuade us into battling Britain. His claims were unsupported and hypothetical, none of which were based on facts, and all coming from his “private reflection” (39). He believed that America was a developing country, who didn’t know its true prosperity. The only way for America to progress to its fullest potential was self- government. It is too late to turn back now, because we are too far along the movement. His puritan theory of “City upon a hill,” and his last argument was indirect, hidden under clever text, designed to put Britain in bad light. These arguments were what convinced me that Thomas Paine’s ideas were inconceivable. Thomas Paine claimed that “For no nation, in a state of foreign dependence, limited in its commerce and cramped and fettered in its legislative power can ever arrive at any material eminence. America does not yet know what opulence is…” (39). His claim was false, America was doing very well at that period of time, with different class and wealth ranges throughout different communities. Some were extremely wealthy, who had hundreds and thousands acres of land. This kind of wealth was unparallel to
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Common Sense - Wednesday 9:30 Section. The pamphlet...

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