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San diego county may be very different than all the

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Unformatted text preview: ing… seems reasonable to think this is a representative sample. 18) option d. is most likely to provide a representative sample because you’re drawing from the full population of interest (eligible voters in California) in an unbiased fashion. Reasons the others are less likely to give a representative sample: a. San Diego County may be very different than all the other counties in the state. b. The city of Sonoma may be very different than all the other cities in the state. c. This would be a voluntary response sample (i.e. a convenience sample). You are likely to get an over ­representation in your sample of people who have strong opinion and are politically active. You are also to likely to completely miss any demographic that does not tend to use the computer. 24) This is systematic sampling. As long as the officers truly choose only every 5th car, this is likely to be a representative sample. 26) This is stratified sampling. The goal of the study related to all sports, but the researchers are using only golf, tennis, and swimming as their strata. Thus, the sample they choose is not likely to be representative of the gene...
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