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Section 12 1 when you have data on every individual

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Unformatted text preview: sample who experience headaches , or 0.17. population parameter: the proportion of the population (all children aged 3 to 11) who experience headaches, an unknown quantity. Section 1.2 1) When you have data on EVERY individual in a population, you have a census. When you have information on only a subset of the population, you have a sample. 13) sample: the 4 senators chosen population: all 100 senators sampling method: simple random sample representative sample? For a larger sample, this type of sampling is intended to give unbiased results. But this sample is just too small to provide a representative sample. NOTE: another acceptable way to state the sample and population are below sample: service times of the 4 senators chosen population: service times of all 100 senators 14) sample: 5108 randomly selected households population: all households sampling method: simple random sampling representative sample? Simple random sampling was used, the sample is fairly large, and a well ­known company did the sampl...
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