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So using a doubleblind setup makes sense here note the

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Unformatted text preview: e see a difference in disease rates between the treatment groups (i.e. lower incidence rate for those receiving the vaccine rather than the placebo), we don’t know if this difference is due to the vaccine or if it’s due to the fact that men and women have different disease rates in the first place. This is a bad design for a study. 6) Because the subjects are plants, they obviously are not conscious of their treatment group assignment, so this is at least a single ­blind study. But, to make sure the researchers do not introduce bias by treating the different plots of land differently, it’s a good idea to also blind the researchers to which plots of land are in which treatment group. So, using a double ­blind set ­up makes sense here. NOTE: The phrase ‘variables of interest’ (VOI) is perhaps a bit vague. The book tends to focus on the measured response, but I feel that the variables that are being investigated as being associated with the response also qualify as VOI. 11) The description here is lacking some important details,...
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