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We also dont have information on the total number of

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Unformatted text preview: ral population of sports athletes. 28) This is cluster sampling. Their population of interest is ALL waiters and waitresses. Because waiters and waitresses work at restaurants, they have chosen to randomly choose 20 restaurants and then gather information on all waiters or waitresses working in the restaurants. On the surface, this looks OK, but because of the way taxes are applied to tips, it’s likely that the sampled individuals will not give fully truthful response, introducing bias to the study. We also don’t have information on the total number of individuals sampled, and it may be a bit small to provide a representative sample of ALL waiters and waitresses. 35) This is a convenience sample. The data they receive comes from people who voluntarily mailed their responses in. These people are likely to have strong opinions and this sample is not likely to be representative of all individuals who read People Magazine. Section 1.3 3) Confounding occurs when we can’t determine which variable is responsible for an effect that we observe. In this example, the variables sex and treatment group are confounded. If w...
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