phi 107 Libertarianism

phi 107 Libertarianism - Philosophy 107 Matt Skene April...

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Unformatted text preview: Philosophy 107 Matt Skene April 26, 2007 Libertarianism The term libertarianism refers to "the power or ability to rationally choose and consciously perform actions, at least some of which are not brought about necessarily and inevitably by external circumstances". Furthermore, libertarianism only requires that some of our actions be free not that there arent some event that are predetermined. I have always believed in free will for as long as I can remember. This has a lot to do with religion, but I truly believe that we are free to choose anything that we want. libertarianism confirms my beliefs. Many examples can be given to defend this position as there are many objections to the idea of libertarianism. One example to think about is ones experience at a vending machine. This is a very simple example and is not as important as other issues in the world but it shows how we make free decisions. If one approaches a vending machine and decides they want a bottle of Gatorade, what is it that makes them choose one over another if both are of the same flavor and are directly next to each other? There is no clear reason why one would choose one over the other. But the fact of the matter here is that this person chooses to buy one instead of the other. Determinists would say that this person had to get that Gatorade and that this is how the world was supposed to be. This seems like it cannot be true, because that same person could have chosen the one next to it or something completely differently. This person could have even gone to the vending machine and decided that they did not want anything after all. Clearly there are so many options here, that this person had to make a decision. This decision cannot be pre- determined, they had a choice....
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phi 107 Libertarianism - Philosophy 107 Matt Skene April...

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