ITM 220 Test 3

ITM 220 Test 3 - Ch.7 Facilitating processes across...

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Ch.7 Facilitating processes across organization Calculation Systems - relieve workers from completing tedious calculations. Functional Systems - Facilitates work of a single department or function Islands of Automation - what functional systems are commonly referred to because of they work independently from each other Cross Functional Systems - designed to facilitate and integrate activities from an entire business process. Also called Process-Based Systems Accounting & Finance IS - Budgeting, Cash Management, Treasury Management, Cost Accounting Manufacturing IS - Inventory, Planning, Scheduling, Manufacturing Operations Operations IS - Order Management, Inventory Management, Customer Service Human Resources IS Marketing & Sales IS - Product Management, Lead Tracking, Sales Forecasting, Customer Management Push Production Planning- Pull Production Planning - Respond actively to customer demand. Radio Frequency Identification tags (RFIDs)- a computer chip that transmits data about the product such as where it was made, arrival/ departure at locations. Sarbanes Oxley Act - Requires creation of internal controls to produce reliable financial statements to protect the company’s assets Separation of duties and authorities- No one person completes two or more actions in a transaction Contingent liability - valuable assets that are subject to liability, ex. An order processing system that
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ITM 220 Test 3 - Ch.7 Facilitating processes across...

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