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In the world that we live in today,everyone is judge wether we like or not. The media excpects us to look like the beautiful hollywood stars, and do whatever it takes to accquire that beauty. The problem that this creates with society is that young girls think that have to do whatever it takes to look like that or society wont love them, and they will be an outcast of society forever. This is a serious problem that we are facing in our time,
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Unformatted text preview: and its not simply just going away we have to act to protect the fucture women of our country. 1.)-Introduction.- the breautiful hollywood stars and secret lives- how excutives use beauty to sell to public its effects of the general public.- my first hand view on how pressure of the media came to close on ruining one of my closest friends lives. 2.) Hollywoods stars double-lives-...
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