2007 Final Exam Key

2007 Final Exam Key - EBME 202 2007 Final EXAM ANSWER KEY...

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EBME 202 – 2007 Final EXAM ANSWER KEY 1. High levels of circulating acetylcholine or increased parasympathetic nerve activity causes _________ SVR, _________ heart rate, and _________ heart contractility. A. increased, increased, little change B. little change, decreased, little change C. little change, increased, decreased D. decreased, little change, increased 2. All of the following are manipulated variables in the human temperature control system EXCEPT A. sweat production B. renin production C. basal metabolic rate D. shivering 3. When the feedback signal from the carotid baroreceptors in a normal person increases rapidly, the heart rate will probably A. decrease and might oscillate around a new level B. increase and might oscillate around a new level C. increase to a stable new level D. remain fixed in spite of this change in feedback 4. When making an analogy between simple diffusion and Ohm’s Law, the diffusion coefficient/constant corresponds to which one of the following quantities? A. current B. conductance C. voltage D. resistance 5. In the skin, Alpha-1 receptors cause_______ while M receptors in the heart cause _____ A. arteriolar dilation, heart rate decrease B. vein dilation, heart rate increase C. arteriolar constriction, heart rate decrease D. bronchiolar dilation, vein dilation 6. Select the TRUE statement: A. In facilitated diffusion, species transport requires a carrier and ATP-based energy expenditure. B. In facilitated diffusion, species transport requires a carrier and is in the direction of the concentration gradient C. Active transport sometimes requires ATP. D. Facilitated diffusion sometimes requires ATP. 7. The formula for blood output from the heart (cardiac output) is A. heart rate / blood pressure B. contractility / stroke volume C. (LVEDV-LVESV) * heart rate D. heart rate / vascular resistance 8. In the blood pressure control system presented in class, all of the following are “manipulated variables” EXCEPT A. stroke volume B. blood pressure C. heart contractility D. vascular resistance 9. The vagus nerve releases _____ in the heart and causes _____ A. acetycholine, heart rate slowing
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B norepinephrine, heart rate slowing C. norepinephrine, heart rate speeding D. epinephrine, heart rate slowing 10. You would WORSEN an ongoing asthma attack if you gave a ________ drug. A. alpha1 blocker B. beta1 blocker C. beta2 blocker D. M1 blocker 11. If you were to have a severe injury to, or complete anesthesia of, the nerves coming out of the cranial and sacral section of the spinal cord, there would be a __________. A. increase in heart rate B. decrease in heart rate C. increase in heart contractility D. increase in heart conduction speed 12. Plasma sodium concentration is about _____ and intracellular sodium is about _____ with units of _______ A. 145, 10, milliequivalents/liter B. 10, 145, milligrams C. 65, 10, milliequivalents D. 145, 120, millimoles 13. Considering cell membrane transports, when a person’s blood becomes acid (H+ increases) the critical ion, K+,
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2007 Final Exam Key - EBME 202 2007 Final EXAM ANSWER KEY...

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