2007 Q5 Key - Quiz 5 Answer Key Notes[Hb]= hemoglobin...

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Quiz 5 Answer Key Notes: [Hb]= hemoglobin concentration. Pay attention to the subscripts on PO 2 and PCO 2 (PaO 2 is different than PAO 2 etc) 1. The MOST IMPORTANT stimulus for increasing breathing rate in a person who is chronically retaining large amounts of CO 2 (as in COPD) is A. low PaO 2 B. high PaO 2 C. low PaCO 2 D. high PaCO 2 [A] 2. A restrictive breathing disorder is A. late pregnancy B. bronchitis C. asthma D. candy stuck in the throat [A] 3. An obstructive breathing disorder is A. obesity B. early pregnancy C. pneumonia D. chest burns [C] 4. A young person who is in good health can have FVC approximately equal to A. tidal volume B. ERV C. ½ TV D. vital capacity [D] 5. A person who is having an asthma attack will have FEV1 that is _____ than a normal person A. larger B. smaller C. no different [B] 6. The spirogram (used to measure FEV1) for a normal person will have d(Volume)/dt at 10 seconds that is approximately A. 100 L/sec B. 50 L/sec C. 25 L/sec D. 0 L/sec [D] **7. [Graphs on board] Which graph in Figure 1 represents the Flow/Volume loop for a person with severe, healed chest wall burns A.
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EBME 202 Quiz 5- Respiratory Physiology and Pathophysiology 3/22/2007 B. C. D. [assign B= correct – small right shifted loop] 8. The answer best describes the feedback paths involved in the speed and depth of breathing A. pH, PAO 2 , PaCO 2 B. lung stretch, PaO 2 , PaCO 2 C. PACO 2 , lung volume D. lung volume, lung stretch [B] 9. Kidney damage is likely to have effects that cause changes in
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2007 Q5 Key - Quiz 5 Answer Key Notes[Hb]= hemoglobin...

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