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1 51ed6cc696dbff633599f6abe634ad2ca8d2274b.doc 5/7/09 EBME 202 SYLLABUS AND READING ASSIGNMENTS 2007 ======================================================================= Guidelines: The major course content is contained in LECTURES supported by supplementary (“handout”) material and by reading in a physiology “guide” text book (Rhoades and Pflanzer Human Physiology Ed4 2003). Students should read the assignments given hereunder PRIOR to each lecture or group of lectures. Do not expect that every item in the book will be covered in class or that every item in class will be found in the book. The text presents basic, supporting, information and I will extend and apply that material to practical “systems” situations. In most cases the text contains more detail than necessary for this class. The lectures will reveal the level of detail expected. Quiz questions are taken from the lectures (approx 80%) and from the text (approx 20%) The schedule is approximate. If material is not completed during the scheduled lecture the material is completed in the next lecture and the schedule is shifted by one session. Quizzes cover ONLY material covered in class LECTURE since the LAST quiz. The only exception is a SPECIFIC assignment for text reading that will be on the quiz. If you are having problems with material, workload, reading assignments, or grading speed/accuracy etc TALK to me or one of the TA’s! We have email addresses and you can call me at home (vide infra). DO NOT WAIT until late in the semester to bring problems forward. We will NOT be inclined to listen to a concern that is presented weeks after it is detected! You will not be spoon fed. You will be expected to correlate the reading and lectures on your own. Summary of Important Dates CWRU UG Classes Begin Jan 16 EBME202 classes begin Jan 16 Midterm exam Mar 6 Midterm grades due Mar 12 Spring Break Mar 12-16 Last day for class WD Mar 30 Last day of classes Apr 30 Reading days May 1/2 Finals begin May 3 Finals End May 10 Final grades due 11AM May 12 Special Sessions: In class review for mid-term Mar 1 In class review for final Apr 26 Other dates (out of class) recitation/ review sessions arranged as needed
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2 51ed6cc696dbff633599f6abe634ad2ca8d2274b.doc 5/7/09 EBME 202 PHYSIOLOGY – BIOPHYSICS II WINTER-SPRING 2006-2007 TUESDAY/THURSDAY 2:45-4:00 Instructor: Ronald L. Cechner Ph.D. Assoc. Prof. Pathology and Biomedical Engineering Asst. Prof. Anesthesiology CWRU and UHC Director of the Anesthesia Humanoid Simulator Laboratory for the Master of Science in Anesthesiology Program, Graduate Studies CWRU and University Hospitals of Cleveland Consulting Director of Information Systems Cuyahoga County Coroner Phones: Coroner: 216-721-5610 x4079 Anesthesiology 216-844 3738 Home 440-338-8967 E-mail (direct – BEST ) : [email protected] (or forward via [email protected] or [email protected]) ATTENTION: While I do use e-mail, I PREFER TO SPEAK TO STUDENTS IN PERSON OR BY TELEPHONE when there are serious problems.
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