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Classics (lecture 9 notes)
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Ancient Athletic Events: Running peri gymanstrikes / gymnasticus -only suriving handbook of ancient athletics -part of second sophistic movement first sophistics performed declamations on abstract philosophical themes -second sophistic is a display of oratory -advocating and defending greek athletics in a roman era -vehicle in order to get away from roman athletics -recreate the ancient greek ideal The Stadion first event in olympic games 180-200 meter run in straight line -only even at olympics from 776-724 BCE first olympics dated from list of olympic victors compiled in 400 bce olympiad(4 year cycle) -each four year cycle was named after the victor in the stadion -this gives someone a high level of importance in society first victor: coroebus of Elis -this is because it was most likely a local event at this time -his grave is at the border of elis which gives significance to honour in funeral Phases of the Stadion was moved further out to create a separation from scared area and stadion and allow for
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