GENERATIONS - Disparity between generations has created a...

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Disparity between generations has created a conflict that has raged for as long as multiple generations have coexisted. From a life more completed, the elder generations feel they have the wisdom and experience needed to guide the younger generations to what they believe is right, whereas the idealistic younger generations discern the elders’ views as hackneyed and cynical. The steadfast values of the elder generations are impressed upon the younger generations, stifling their ambition and innovative capability. Mutual understanding about issues is crucial for a healthy agreeable relationship to form between two individuals. The societal upbringing of every generation varies greatly from the preceding generations, so much, that room for the crucial mutual understanding is very limited. For example, a teenager of modern times will have grown up in a society where divorce is almost seen as inevitable to a fledgling marriage and can be underwent for as small enough of a reason as “irreconcilable differences”. Also, sex is an open subject that is taught in schools and broadcast on daytime television. If one were to look just fifty years back, marriage was seen as much more sacred and divorce was only pursued under extreme conditions such as violence, and even some of the more violent marriages still avoided divorce for the sake of the children. Also in this time, sex was treated as if it did not exist. There was no allusion to sexual activities on television, in fact, television shows like, “I Love Lucy” had the married couple sleep in two separate beds as to not even allude to the fact that married people slept next to each other, never mind having sexual intercourse. Looking at these opposing viewpoints, one could see that even
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fifty years, a mere blink of an eye in terms of history, can breed polar opposite viewpoints which leaves minimal leeway for mutual understanding and abundant ground for conflict. Not only do differing viewpoints breed conflict, but differing mindsets in which children are raised. According to “The American Teen-ager,” by David Plotz, “As Thomas Hines reports in his new book, The Rise and Fall of the American Teenager, the teen was invented in the 20 th century. For most of American history, adolescents (also a modern creation) inhabited the adult world as laborers and apprentices. No one claimed that teens were incapacitated by raging
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GENERATIONS - Disparity between generations has created a...

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