Biomechanics of Bone#2

Ernally structurewilllengthenandnarrow examples

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Unformatted text preview: rsion… Combo Loading… Tension Tension Equal and Opposite Loads Away From Surface S/S Occur Internally Structure Will Lengthen and Narrow Examples… Compression Compression Equal and Opposite Loads Applied Toward Surface S/S Occur Internally Structure Will Shorten and Widen Examples… Bending Bending Combo of Tension and Compression Creates Bending About An Axis Non­Axial…In Other Words… 3­Point/4­Point Shear Shear Load Is Applied Parallel To Surface Creates Angular Deformation S/S Occur Internally Torsion Torsion Load Applied In A Manner That Causes Twisting About An Axis Torque Is Produced Internally Torsional Forces Dist. Over Entire Structure Magnitude=Distance From Axis… Combo Loading Combo Loading Rule Rather Than Exception Rare Occurrence For Just One Of The Loading Forms To Act Independently...
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